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30 years experience in making the right choices!

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The Attaches Châteauguay team comes from various professional backgrounds and they are dedicated to fulfilling your needs and the requirements of road safety standards. Absolutely nothing is left to chance. We are your business partners!

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Attaches Châteauguay Richard Tisseur Propriétaire

Richard Tisseur


Richard has worked in the automobile and transportation industries for 30 years. A mechanic, welder, and experienced supervising welder, he has successfully made the reputation of Attaches Châteauguay by sharing his values, integrity and the importance of proper work with his employees. He understands the importance building a team that focuses on the quality of service and the development of long lasting business relationships. info@attacheschateauguay.com

Bernard Dion

Sales Director

Bernard has contributed to the success of reputable companies. Using his sales and marketing skills he has developed over a 35-year career in industry and retail. He will guide you , according to your needs on your next purchase.

Attaches Châteauguay Denis Boyer

Denis Boyer

Sales representative

Denis has worked in the towing industry for four years. His speciality is in horse trailers. denis.boyer@attacheschateauguay.com

Attaches Châteauguay Isabelle Chandonnet

Isabelle Chandonnet

Customer Service Director

Isabelle has worked in the towing industry for fifteen years. When it comes to purchasing parts or installing an attachment or accessory, Isabelle takes the time to establish your needs and can recommend the right choice. Nothing gets past her! info@attacheschateauguay.com

Attaches Châteauguay Bryan Howard

Bryan Howard

Custom Built Services Director

Over the past twenty years, Bryan has accomplished all types of projects. He has a depth of knowledge about trailers and he is comfortable with custom fabricated parts.

Attaches Châteauguay René Gamache

René Gamache

Head of Guarantees

Over the years, René honed his skills in the transportation industry. Regardless of the trailer model, when it comes to maintenance, repairs or modifications René is the person to help you out. He is also in charge of guarantees.

Attaches Châteauguay Carole Ostiguy

Carole Ostiguy

Administrative Support Director

Carole has an excellent eye for detail. She ensures that agreements signed with manufacturers are respected at all times and provides administrative support to the Attaches Châteauguay team. Carole.Ostiguy@attacheschateauguay.com

Marie-Josée Aquin

Commercial director

Marie-Josée Aquin has 25 years of experience in the field of recreational vehicle sales. Well known for her dynamism in the Sales and Accounting Department.



Attaches Châteauguay Équipe Installation d'attaches

Our hitch installers have the expertise to recommend the type of wiring required for your trailer and they can also do the custom work to make it happen. They can install air suspension on accessories designed for hauling and wrap your vehicle. According to the season, they can also install ploughs, salters, platforms, and dump bodies.


Attaches Châteauguay Équipe service sur mesure

The CUSTOM BUILT SERVICES team oversees the maintenance, repair and alteration of trailers according to your needs. Our trailer repairers are all welder/mechanics with solid experience under their belts.


Attaches Châteauguay Équipe Service à la clientèle

Our team is ready to give you a warm welcome and serving you is our pleasure. When it comes to choosing a hitch or a part, Attaches Châteauguay is ready to help you and do the research required to ensure you get the best choice according to your needs.

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